Join with Citizens Across the United States

Our great country needs every American to Pray for our future!



Our prayers and thanks are with both the fallen and the living for their service to our great country.

The Lamar Chapter of Act for America is a group of concerned and dedicated citizens that have banded together to join with over 330,000 other members of Act for America to  protect our freedoms and rights.  We concentrate on the following issues:

  1. Confronting Terrorism
  2. Preserving the Constitution
  3. Border Security
  4. Energy Independence
  5. Empowering Women-Protecting Children
  6. Support for Israel

We are dedicated to educating the public with information that seldom reaches mainstream media and providing the facts about these important issues as well as legislative actions that can make a difference!

Every citizen needs to have access to this information.  Updates are provided at our monthly meetings.  Please view our calendar to obtain meeting locations and times.  We welcome all citizens to come join us and help preserve our freedom!