Hammond Ranch sitting on precious metal, mineral, uranium deposits which the BLM desperately want

Federal Government’s Modus operandi to seize Hammond Ranch and Bundy Ranch revealed

(INTELLIHUB) — Renown Terra firma researcher dutchsinse conducted an investigation of both the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and the Hammond Ranch in Oregon.

“Let’s just call it what it is. Human greed is at stake here. Who is going to get the gold back there in the back country? Who is going to get the uranium?”

The video below is a must watch.

Additionally, “as it turns out,” dutchsinse said, the “history on Gold Butte [will] will blow your mind.”

“You have farmers, ranchers, that I would say have been going out and getting the gold.”

Dutch then goes on to prove there are massive yellowcake uranium deposits in the area.

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